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Useful books, DVD's, and software for actors, singers, and musicians

For Young Actors

Acting for Young Actors: The Ultimate Teen Guide
Mary Lou Belli  More Info
price: $11.53

The Ultimate Audition Book for Teens: 111 One-Minute Monologues (Young Actors Series)
Janet B. Milstein  More Info
price: $10.75

Break a Leg!: The Kid's Guide to Acting and Stagecraft
Lise Friedman  More Info
price: $10.17

Acting A to Z: The Young Person's Guide to a Stage or Screen Career
Katherine Mayfield  More Info
price: $11.53

Winning Monologs for Young Actors: 65 Honest-To-Life Characterizations to Delight Young Actors and Audiences of All Ages
Peg Kehret  More Info
price: $10.85

Sensational Scenes for Kids: The Scene Study-Guide for Young Actors (Hollywood 101, 5)
Chambers Stevens  More Info
price: $10.17

The Young Actor's Workbook
Roberts-Seto  More Info
price: $13.00

Comedy Scenes for Student Actors: Short Sketches for Young Perfomers
Laurie Allen  More Info
price: $12.21

411 on Acting & Modeling for Kids
Music 4 Da Soul  More Info
price: $17.99

Theater for Children - Presented By Looking Glass Theater, 1975
national archives and records administration  More Info
price: $14.95

Uta Hagen's Acting Class: The DVDs
Applause Books  More Info
price: $34.99

Hollywood High (PC / Mac)
Theatrix  More Info

About Acting

Breaking Into Acting for Dummies
Larry Garrison  More Info
price: $14.95

Acting in Television Commercials for Fun and Profit, 4th Edition: Fully Updated 4th Edition
Squire Fridell  More Info
price: $11.86

Acting -- Make It Your Business: How to Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a Working Actor
Paul Russell  More Info
price: $13.57

Adventures in Voice Acting
Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Inc.  More Info
price: $34.95

Tapeworm Video  More Info
price: $15.49

So You Want To Be An Actor? / Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara
White Star  More Info

Basic & Advanced Acting Techniques In Film & Television (For Children & Young Adults)
Frank Rossi Studios  More Info
price: $149.95

Sanford Meisner Master Class
Sanford Meisner Estate  More Info


Singing & the Voice

Singing Professionally, Revised Edition: Studying Singing for Singers and Actors
Arabella Hong-Young  More Info
price: $18.95

A Performer Prepares: A Guide to Song Preparation for Actors, Singers and Dancers (Applause Acting Series)
David Craig  More Info
price: $18.95

The Actor Sings: Discovering a Musical Voice for the Stage
Kevin D. Robison  More Info
price: $13.95

The Student Voice: An Introduction to Developing the Singing Voice
Colin Baldy  More Info
price: $29.21

Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD: A practical course for developing the expressive range of your voice (Methuen Drama) (v. 1)
David Carey  More Info
price: $25.76

The Art of Singing - Discovering and Developing Your True Voice
Various  More Info
price: $13.59

Singing with Your Own Voice: A Practical Guide to Awakening and Developing the Hidden Qualities in Your Own Singing Voice (Theatre Arts Book)
Orlanda Cook  More Info

Hal Leonard  More Info

My Voice
IPE  More Info
price: $26.49

EarMaster Pro 5
eMedia  More Info
price: $49.95


For Musicians

The Self-Promoting Musician-Strategies For Independent Music Success (2nd Edition)
Peter Spellman  More Info
price: $16.47

Stage Presence from Head to Toe: A Manual for Musicians
Karen Hagberg  More Info
price: $29.95

The Acoustic Musician's Guide to Sound Reinforcement and Live Recordings
Mike Sokol  More Info
price: $71.20

Performance Strategies for Musicians
David, Buswell  More Info
price: $19.95

Alfred's Interactive Musician
Morton Manus  More Info
price: $39.95

Notation Musician by Notation Software
Notation Software, Inc.  More Info

Slow Blast Powerful Learning Program for Musicians
World Wide Woodshed  More Info

BYTESIZE SOFTWARE PC Musician, 2nd Edition (Windows)
Bytesize Software  More Info

eMedia My Violin
eMedia  More Info
price: $39.95

eMedia My Piano
eMedia  More Info
price: $24.95

eMedia My Guitar
eMedia  More Info
price: $24.95

Waves Musicians Bundle
Waves  More Info